How carpet is made

The tufted carpet making process has changed little over time.  What has changed is the complexity of the designs and construction of carpet.  While computer-controlled tufters and precision measuring devices ensure production quality remains high and operate efficiently, there is still a strong element of craft in making carpet.

NZ Sheep smallOnde Cut and Loop Fandeck

Carpet is made of four key ingredients - the wool which is tufted onto a primary polypropylene backing using what is essentially a giant sewing machine.  These two elements are then bonded to the backing material using a low VOC latex.

In the attached three sections we outline how Cavalier Bremworth takes the raw wool from New Zealand farmers and turns it into a quality, beautiful wool carpet ready to be installed in your home.

In taking the fleece to your floor there are three key steps:

Step One:  Processing the Wool

Step Two: Wool into Yarn

Step Three: Yarn into Carpet