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How to make a Carpet Rug

How to make a Carpet Rug

Project / Design your own custom rug

Designers / Love and Ginger Home

Want to add a touch of warmth and luxury to your hard flooring? Looked everywhere for a rug but can’t find the size you need that doesn’t cost the earth? We have put together an easy step by step guide on how to create your own unique custom rug made with quality designer Cavalier Bremworth carpet.

Step 1: Choose your favourite Cavalier Bremworth carpet

This is the fun part! Head to the products page on our website and order FREE samples to be delivered straight to your door so you can touch and feel the samples and see what they look like in your room. We recommend using the Bremworth Collection range as it is full or gorgeous, quality wool carpets in unique designs making it a real statement in your home. 

Step 2: Measure up how big you would like your rug

Carpet comes in a Broadloom Metre which is a 3.66m wide. You can order this by the number of metres you require. 3.66m too wide? Use the off cuts for a front door mat or hallway runner. 

Step 3: Head to your local carpet retailer to purchase the carpet

Once you have decided which carpet you like go to the Store Finder section on the website and find a retailer near you. (Note: if you are looking for a Bremworth Collection carpet be sure to go to a retailer that stocks it). A great tip: Some retailers have “short ends” or left over stock so you could get a great deal on leftover carpet. 

Step 4: Find a business to bind your rug

Simply Google “rug binders” in your local area. You can have a simple overlocked edge or pick from custom binding options including leather bound depending on where you go and what look you are after. Some retailers also can have these bound for you or know local binders so ask them instore. Alternatively ask them to send your carpet to your chosen binder. 

Step 5: Enjoy your gorgeous new rug

Now that you have your unique custom rug, you will be so pleased you will want to share it on your social media! Make sure you tag or #cavalierbremworth so we can see the images!

Katrina from Love and Ginger Home chose Curlicue in the colour “To Die For”, made from 100% pure New Zealand felted wool (from the Bremworth Collection) to create what she has coined a “CARPUG” carpet + rug for her home. Check it out on her Blog or Instagram


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