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The Importance of Carpet in Design

The Importance of Carpet in Design

Project / The Importance of Carpet in Design

Designers / Georgia Ezra

Carpet / Galet

The importance of carpet in design by Georgia Ezra

Carpet is not just a flooring … It’s actually a textile. If you understand it as a textile then you will understand its qualities and appreciate its benefits much more. You are buying a textile, one that lies on your floor. 

There is nothing more delicious than ones barefoot walking on a soft cloud-like carpet and the warmth that this material and finish brings to a space.

A good carpet will take a room to the next level, from standard to luxury. It’s those small details that must not get forgotten. Carpet is not an afterthought for me, it is a highly valued decision that gets made with every interior. With the extremely broad range of selections the personal preference gets narrowed down to the way the carpet looks, the way the carpet feels under-foot, and the requirements and wants of the family.  


Luckily CB has such a range that caters to so many needs, and financial budgets. The common dominator however, is always a luxurious high-end result, one that is never met with anything other than satisfaction. 

I often have clients coming to me after their home is complete and thanking me for putting so much energy into their carpet selection…. Explaining that they never knew what a difference a good carpet would be to their experience within their home!

Georgia’s favourite wool carpets





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