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  • Cavalier Bremworth Esprit Gumption Carpet
  • Cavalier Bremworth Esprit Wit Carpet
  • Cavalier Bremworth Esprit Courage Carpet
  • Cavalier Bremworth Esprit Sassy Carpet
  • Cavalier Bremworth Esprit Brazen Carpet

We recommend that a physical sample be viewed as colours may vary in different environments.

Esprit is a STAINMASTER® SolarMax® carpet that is durable, yet incredibly soft to touch. Designed to resist fading from harsh sunlight and staining from common household food and beverage spills, this carpet is very family-friendly. Made from very durable solution-dyed nylon.
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Why choose Esprit?

  • ACCS Environmental Accreditation (ECS)

    We've achieved the highest environmental grading – ECS Level 4, contributing valuable points towards both materials and indoor air quality under the Green Star office rating system.

  • ACCS Residential Performance Rating

    This product has achieved an ACCS Residential Extra Heavy Duty plus Stairs 6* rating making it the perfect choice if quality and performance are important

  • Local after-sales service

    We’re only a phone call away – get in touch on 1800 251 172.

  • Lifetime Manufacturer's Defects Limited Warranty*

    With 60 years' experience, we proudly stand behind what we make and our carpets are warranted against all manufacturing defects. *See warranty guide in Downloads section below for more details.

  • Good for stairs

    A great choice for high traffic areas like stairs

  • Anti-static

    Lifetime limited warranty* This carpet contains special carbon-core fibres that act like thousands of microscopic lightning rods, controlling static for the life of the carpet. *Please refer to the STAINMASTER® SolarMax® carpet Limited Warranties booklet for further details.

  • Fade resistant

    25 year pro-rata warranty* STAINMASTER® SolarMax® fibre features advanced fade-resistant technology that locks colour in. *Please refer to the STAINMASTER® SolarMax® carpet Limited Warranties booklet for further details.

  • Insect resistant

    Infestation issues such as carpet beetle are very unlikely to occur with synthetic carpet, as the insects cannot eat the fibre.

  • Proudly made in New Zealand

    Homegrown quality and innovation is at the very heart of everything we do.

  • Stain resistant

    Lifetime limited warranty* STAINMASTER® SolarMax® fibre has been engineered to keep stains on the surface, allowing more time for clean-ups. *Please refer to the STAINMASTER® SolarMax® carpet Limited Warranties booklet for further details.

  • Very durable

    15 year abrasive wear limited warranty* This carpet is made with type 6,6 nylon, which has the strength and resilience to deliver excellent resistance to wear and texture loss. It also has an ACCS grading of Residential Extra Heavy Duty + Stairs 6 Stars – the best residential grading a carpet can achieve in terms of performance and durability. *Please refer to the STAINMASTER® SolarMax® carpet Limited Warranties booklet for further details.

  • Wonderfully soft underfoot

    Extra-fine individual filaments with carefully engineered cross sections gives this carpet a softer feel.


  • Specification
    Cb Habitat Collection
    Cut Pile
    Pile Content
    100% Solution Dyed Nylon
    3.66m Broadloom
    Carpet Thickness
    15.8 mm +- 10%
    Residential Extra Heavy Duty + Stairs 6 Stars (15037)
    ACCS Environmental Accreditation
    ECS: Level 4
    Insect Resistance
  • Detailed Technical Specification
    Primary Backing
    Woven Polypropylene
    Secondary Backing
    Woven Jute
    Pattern Repeat
    Does not apply
    Pattern Match Width
    Does not apply
    CAUTION - Geometric Pattern
    Does not apply
    This carpet must be installed in accordance with AS/NZS 2455.1:2007 unless otherwise specified. Cleaning and maintenance must be done in accordance with AS/NZS 3733:1995.
    All cut pile carpets will in some circumstances exhibit the condition known as "Shading, Watermarking, or Pile Reversal". This condition is characterised by random light and dark patches appearing some weeks after installation, caused by the permanent reversal or bending of the carpet pile fibres with consequential different light effects. It cannot be predicted or prevented and appears to be related to the location of use rather than type of carpet construction or materials used. It does not affect the wear or durability of the carpet and since it is beyond the control of the manufacturer, it is not recognised as a manufacturing flaw or fault. You are urged to consider this characteristic before purchasing. Your Sales Executive can provide further information.
    Colour Variation
    Colour may vary from dye lot to dye lot
    Material Variation
    Backing or other materials may change without notice depending on raw material availability
    Production Variation
    Variable weights and/or colours can be produced to meet individual requirements. For further details contact your local Cavalier Bremworth office.
    ACCS Residential Grading
    Residential Extra Heavy Duty + Stairs 6 Stars (15037)

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